Specialty Massage Therapy in Bardon

Pregnancy Massage

Experience the benefits of massage therapy throughout your pregnancy in a safe and warm environment with fully qualified therapists. Pregnancy massage can involve both relaxation and deep tissue techniques to help ease aches and pains and help with issues such as fluid retention. This massage is done with slight variations to our standard massage with the use of pillows and props to allow you to be totally comfortable and relaxed. Our clinic also has a pregnancy table to allow you to lie face down throughout your pregnancy if desired.

Some therapists prefer to treat pregnant women only after the first trimester, while others are happy to treat immediately. Please advise your stage of pregnancy when booking to ensure you are booked with a relevant therapist.

Hot Stone Massage

Be transported to another dimension with heavenly heated volcanic stones that will release their healing energies deep into the muscles dissolving any tension and stress. Hot stone therapy is a sensory experience to harmonize the body, mind and soul. Hot stones can also be used to enhance the effects of remedial massage. (Health fund rebates may not apply to this treatment.)

Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy uses very gentle manipulative techniques to help restore function to the body, improve posture, and increase overall health and well-being. The craniosacral rhythm and other subtle evaluative methods are used to identify dysfunctions and guide the treatment. The therapy is performed through light clothing so clients can remain fully clothed throughout the treatment. The therapy itself is usually pain free due to the gentle methods used, but can be extremely effective with a range of health issues.

Because the lightest possible force is used, craniosacral therapy is deeply relaxing and is suitable for all ages, although the clinic is unable to treat young children at the present time.

Craniosacral therapy has been found to assist with lower back pain, glutes, hip and neck pain, headaches, jaw problems, post injury recovery and shoulder pain. Craniosacral therapy can be performed in conjunction with a remedial massage or as a stand-alone treatment.

Ka Huna Massage

Experience the ultimate relaxation. Drift off as your therapist performs this flowing dance like full body massage, easing away your physical and mental tensions. Ka Huna has a beautiful mystical way of healing on an emotional as well as physical level. Enjoy a couples Kahuna massage for the ultimate couples indulgence!(Health fund rebates do not apply to this treatment.)


Sit back and relax as you experience this amazing healing treatment. Reflexology involves massaging the feet to promote healing in other parts of the body.Receive a foot and calf massage, as well as stimulation of reflex points to activate the body’s natural healing potential. The maximum length offered for a stand-alone reflexology treatment is 55 minutes, however it can be combined with other treatments. (Health fund rebates do not apply to this treatment.)

Indian Head Massage

This traditional Indian treatment uses coconut oil and firm yet gentle strokes in an invigorating and soothing neck, shoulder, scalp and face massage. Indian Head Massage can bring many benefits including reducing stress, anxiety and headaches. Let your spirit be deepend and enjoy instant relaxation with this divine treatment. The maximum length offered for a stand-alone Indian Head massage treatment is 30 minutes, however it can be combined with other treatments.(Health fund rebates do not apply to this treatment).


Cupping is an ancient Chinese healing method that softens the tissues and fascia and increase the circulation of blood and fluids. Cupping can be experienced as a full treatment at deluxe prices or as part of a remedial massage.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic drainage is a light style treatment that helps stimulate the lymphatic system thus positively affecting the immune system. Perfect for those looking to relieve fluid retention and detoxify the body.

Musculoskeletal Therapy

This treatment uses a variety of advanced remedial massage techniques to treat specific musculoskeletal injuries and postural issues. MST treatments can involve the use of cupping and dry needling.

Kinesiotaping and Dry Needling

These specialty treatments can be performed as an add-on service to remedial massage treatments. Since these services are not offered by all therapists, please mention at time of booking if you are interested or require these treatments.